Grinnell College Physics Museum


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60-60-60 Prism with faceted ends

Has been at Grinell College since at least 1928.

Rotator with Governor

Table and all attachments cost $40. Apparatus includes rotator table, Rotator part with brass circles to show shape of rotating earth, other Rotator part demonstrating centrifugal force (like Watt governor), Doppler whistle, and Rotator crank wheel.

McIntosh Milliammeter

One of these is in the Smithsonian labeled a “dosage meter.” It probably is part of a medical fake.

Early Transistor

Sent to Grant Gale at Grinnell by John Bardeen at Bell Telephone Labs in 1950

Hot Cathode X-ray Tube with Metal Collimator

According to Grant Gale, this belonged to Dr. Lemley, the first dentist in Grinnell to have x-rays.

Leitz Microscope No. 42935

Has a rotary stage, no eyepieces, and 3 objectives but is one missing.

Microscope No. 53724

This microscope has 3 objectives. It belonged to Dr. O.F. Parish.