Grinnell College Physics Museum


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5kV 0.25 mfd


Type 174 B


Type 13C


Serial No. 011781

Sine/Square Wave Generator

Sine/Square Wave Generator Model IG-82


Model 5431A

Variable Inductor

Type 107 N

AC Voltmeter

0-600 Volts AC Model RA


A galvanometer is a device for detecting electric current. The galvanometer pointer deflection is from electric current passing through a coil immersed in a magnetic field.

DC MilliAmmeter

0-750 MilliAmperes Model 1

AC Ammeter

0-5 Amperes AC

DC Voltmeter

0-250 Volts DC Model 31A

DC Ammeter

0-50 milliamperes DC Model 741-59

DC Ammeter

0-20 Amperes DC Model 1531

DB Voltmeter

-20 to 6 DB

DC Voltmeter

0-75 Volts DC Model 267

Power Meter

-0.5 to + 0.5 DB Model 961-58

D.C. volt- and micromhos meter

0-100 Volts DC 0-30 Micromhos Model 1331

DC Voltmeter

0-500 Volts Model 301